Elriana Name: Elriana
Birthdate: 02-15-97
Sex: F
Race: Caucasian
Special Needs: Moderate Emotional and Behaviors
Number of Siblings: NA
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: No

Elriana (“El” for short) is a bright and active young teen.  She likes to draw, bead, and make bracelets as well as other arts and crafts.  She is very energetic, embraces the outdoors, and loves to play basketball and volleyball.  El enjoys school (especially seeing her friends) and her favorite subject is Art.  Her favorite foods are cotton candy and ice cream with lots of sprinkles.  She also likes listening to music and watching movies.

El is looking for a loving, accepting family with structure, consistency, and understanding.  She longs to be part of a family she can call her own—one that she describes as “nice, energetic, happy, and good listeners”—but building this relationship with take time.  In the right setting, El has a very bright future ahead of her and needs a family that will support and encourage her to reach her full potential.

For more information:
Email: adoptionpartnership@childsaving.org  
Phone: 402-504-3666

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