The TANF information below is an estimate until it is verified by the Administration for Children and Families. Effective 7/1/2017 Rescare values are reported as a single state-wide value across all 5 service areas.

TANF Dashboard

TANF Dashboard presents the work participation and employment statistics of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) recipients that are served by two contractors, MAXIMUS-PSI and ResCare.

TANF Dashboard includes the outcomes established by the Federal Government for FFY 2008 (Federal Fiscal Year) and the October, 2007 contract agreements. TANF Dashboard will display data for the current FFY on a monthly and quarterly basis. The most current data available, for display, will be 2 months prior to the current month.

Performance Measures:

The following two performance measures are derived from a monthly Employment First Statistical Report. This report is completed by the contractor for the DHHS Service Areas they serve. The work participation rate is validated by a statistically valid sample of cases that are read and reviewed by, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services staff.

Federal Measures:

The Federal Government requires that each state must achieve a 50% minimum overall Work Participation Rate.

Statistical Data:

The following two measures are for statistical purposes only. There are no contracted or federal requirements in regards to obtaining employment or a minimum or, maximum starting wage.

Contract Areas:

ResCare is contracted to serve TANF recipients in all five DHHS Service Areas. MAXIMUS-PSI is contracted to serve TANF recipients in only the Eastern Service Area.

Service Areas:

The measures are published for the five different DHHS Service Areas.