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Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking

What can I do?

STOP TRAFFICKING             Know the indicators and red flags!

Sex Trafficking indicators
  • Chronic missing/homeless youth
  • Excess amount of cash in their possession (may be reluctant to explain its source)
  • Hotel keys and key cards
  • Lying about age/false ID
  • Inconsistencies when describing and recounting events
  • Unable or unwilling to give local address or information about parent(s)/guardian
  • Presence or fear of another person (often an older male or boyfriend who seems controlling)
  • High number of reported sexual partners at a young age
  • Sexually explicit profiles on social networking sites
  • Injuries/signs of physical abuse (that they may be reluctant to explain)
  • Inability or fear of social interaction
  • Demeanor exhibiting fear, anxiety, depression, submissiveness, tenseness, nervousness
  • Is not enrolled in school or repeated absence from school
  • Does not consider self a victim
  • Loyalty to or/and positive feelings toward pimp/trafficker
  • Prepaid cell phone


Labor Trafficking indicators

  • Family relationships not clear (may or may not present as formal guardian)
  • Child may not be the child of "parent" in the home
    • No evidence of legal guardian
    • Works for "aunt" or "uncle"
  • Excluded from family events (e.g., church, vacations, parties)
  • Physically exhausted; works long hours
  • Child is fearful of family he/she lives with
  • Child is responsible for child care, elder care, or cleaning--often hidden as "chores“
  • Does not have access to their personal identification documents (e.g., ID card, social security card, drivers license)
  • Does not participate in normal age appropriate activities
  • Working environment is the same as their living environment


Help Me 


Call the Nebraska Adult & Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline 1-800-652-1999 or Local Law Enforcement to report suspicious activities that may look like trafficking situations.




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