​Information for Foster Parents
Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking
Information for Foster Parents
Foster parents often care for children who had a difficult start.  These difficult beginnings have the potential to put kids in situations, peer groups, etc., that could make them vuneralble to trafficking.
NRS 43-4715 (LB225) requires all Nebraska Foster Parents to receive training on recognizing human trafficking, including both sex trafficking and labor trafficking. 
Reviewing this information will take about 1 hour of your time, but it could change a life!
To complete the training: 
​1. Intro Video (6 minutes)

​2. Watch the Training Video  (39 minutes)  En español

Foster parents are important in keeping youth in foster care safe.  This training will provide information about sex trafficking and labor trafficking, what the risk factors are, how to help prevent human trafficking and what resources are available to help. 
Once the training has been completed:
  1. Answer the post test questions below. 
  2. Be sure to include your first and last name and the 'home type', to receive credit for completing the mandatory training.
  3. Submit the post test form.

​3. Take and Submit the Post Test

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