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DHHS Food Distribution

Donated Foods Processing Program


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How the process works:
DHHS manages the food distribution programs within Nebraska for the National School Lunch Program, Child and Adult Care Feeding Program and the Summer Food Service Program.  DHHS generates demand (orders) from qualified recipients for various USDA Foods.  DHHS coordinates with Contractors and the USDA on the purchase, planning and scheduling of donated foods for processing.
DHHS develops end product and purchase program technical requirements, manages the Child Nutrition Program web application (CNPweb), and conducts the procurements of processing services (invitations, awards, and contract management) in accordance with federal regulations, USDA policy, Nebraska statutes, and DHHS policy.
Procurement Steps:
Step 1:  The procurement process begins when DHHS publicly announces its plans to process USDA Foods.  The Master Solicitation is posted to the DHHS Food Distribution website.
Step 2: The purchase program announcement is followed by one or more Invitations issued via the DHHS Food Distribution website.  Each Invitation describes DHHS’s needs in terms of the raw product to be processed or the end products and invites USDA approved Contractors to submit bids.  DHHS uses two types of Invitations: the “Invitation for Bid” (IFB) and the “Invitation for Proposal” (IFP).
Step 3: An IFB will specify end products as a brand name or equal with relevant requirements clearly stated.  An IFP may also require a technical demonstration and/or product samples at a food show.
Step 4: Awarded Contractors must perform according to the Contract and Purchase Order terms.
Step 5: Once the Contractor has successfully performed on their Contract (delivered the product) an invoice is submitted to DHHS for approval and payment.  Payments are made in accordance with the Nebraska Prompt Payment Act.
Procurement Documents:


FDP Processing Policy Memos

Inventory at Processors.pdfState Sweep Policy

State Processing Contractual Arrangments.pdfContractual Arrangements


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