What is Abuse and Neglect?

Abuse is defined in three ways.

  1. Physical abuse exists when a child has an non-accidental injury.
  2. Emotional abuse exists when parents always put blame on a child or always reject the child.
  3. Sexual abuse exists when an adult uses a child as a part of any type of sexual act.

Neglect is defined in two ways.

  1. Emotional neglect  is when the child suffers from the parent's not giving them chances for feeling loved, wanted, secure, and worthy.
  2. Physical neglect is when a parent does not provide basic needs or a safe place to live.   Examples are:
  • not having enough food or clothing;
  • not following doctor's orders;
  • not providing the supervision needed to keep the child safe;
  • not having heat in the winter.

Help Stop Child Abuse

Call the Abuse/Neglect Hotline at 1-800-652-1999

Do not use e-mail to report cases of abuse.
If there is an emergency call local law enforcement immediately.

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