Program and Treatment

Youth sitting, having a discussion on an outdoor basketball court.YRTC-Geneva uses many types of programs designed to meet the many needs of girls. 

At the heart of our programming is “My Journey,” designed to work with girls in a way that is meaningful and makes sense to girls. Each girl identifies what she needs to work on and then what she has to do to get to her goals. She will use her individual skills and the strengths of her family as she works toward her goals. 

Staff provides help by teaching, supporting, and providing emotional support.

An individualized plan is developed for each girl and may include:

  • An individual profile with psychological testing;

  • Evaluation and counseling services;

  • Academic testing and enrollment in a school program;

  • Medical, dental, and eye evaluation to determine physical well-being;

  • A chemical appraisal if there are signs of drug and alcohol abuse, and;

  • An assessment to learn background history, identify current needs, and determine what services need to be provided.

Additional programs may include:

  • Intensive drug and alcohol treatment;

  • Drug/alcohol assessment, education and individual counseling;

  • Psychological/psychiatric assessment and consultation;

  • Individualized programming including mental health counseling, education, and housing;

  • Prenatal care and individual interventions for pregnant girls;

  • Parent orientation and family consultations;

  • Emotional development and interpersonal skills development;

  • Women’s issues;

  • Religious services and counseling;

  • Leisure and recreational time;

  • On and off-campus work opportunities, and;

  • Community volunteer service.

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