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Mission Statement

The mission of the Youth Rehabilitation & Treatment Center - Geneva is to provide a place where young women can learn, develop a sense of self, and return to their homes as good, law-abiding citizens.

To accomplish this, YRTC-Geneva provides a wide variety of skills that help each individual with her needs.


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General Information

Administrator: Daniel L. Scarborough
Capacity: 82 Treatment Beds
Number of Staff: 100.85 FTE
Annual Budget: $7,359,732.58
Per Diem:

Contact Information

Youth Rehabilitation & Treatment Center - Geneva
855 North 1st Street
Geneva, NE 68361

Telephone Number: (402) 759-3164

Fax Number: (402) 759-4804


  • To protect public safety and to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. For girls and staff, an essential condition for learning and treatment to be effective.

  • To establish clear expectations of behavior and an accompanying system of accountability for girls and staff that promotes mutual respect, self-discipline, and order.

  • To engage in management practices that promote the safety and well being of
    staff and girls.

  • To provide meaningful opportunities and services for girls to improve their education and vocational competence, to effectively address underlying behavioral problems, and to prepare them for responsible lives in the community.

  • To identify and effectively respond to girls’ health, mental health, and related behavioral problems throughout the course of confinement through the use of professionally appropriate diagnostic, treatment, and prevention protocols.

  • To operate the facility in a manner consistent with principles of fairness and that provide the means of ensuring and protecting each girl’s and family’s legal rights.

  • History

    On March 4, 1891, the Girls Industrial School was established on a 70-acre plot of land near Geneva, Nebraska.  On March 14, 1892, a group of 57 girls came from the Industrial School at Kearney to the new location at Geneva. On January 1, 1997, YRTC-Geneva ended 23-years as a part of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services and became one of 10 facilities under the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Children and Family Services.


    The YRTC-Geneva offers student-guided tours to individuals and groups. You may arrange for a tour by contacting the YRTC-Geneva.

    Professional Affiliations

    The American Correctional Association accredited YRTC-G as a juvenile correctional facility.

    The Nebraska Department of Education accredited Geneva North High School as a Special Purpose School.

    Involved with Performance-based Standards (Pbs), a quality assurance project administered by the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators.

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