Office of Juvenile Services

The Office of Juvenile Services (OJS) provides community-based services and programs designed to work with youth who have committed a delinquent or criminal act and their families.  There are a range of contracted residential and non-residential services and programs used to meet the custody and treatment needs of youth.   The OJS also oversees the administration of the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers.

Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers
Youth between 12 and 18 years that have been adjudicated as a juvenile offender and committed to the Office of Juvenile Services' custody may be placed in a Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center. 



State wards may also be detained in a YRTC before the hearing process for juvenile offenders.  The mission of the YRTCs is to provide individualized supervision, care, accountability, and treatment in a manner consistent with public safety to those youth in its care.

There are two youth correctional facilities in Nebraska.  The facility for females is located in Geneva and the facility for males is located in Kearney.


Division of Children & Family Services
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5044
Phone: (402) 471-9272

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