Division of Children & Family Services
Administrative & Policy Memos

This page displays current administrative and policy memos.   
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) State Ward DD Services Eligibility Procedure Guide  The DD Application for State Wards Contact Information Sheet Form CFS-64 is available on the Forms Webpage
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 30-2015 Transitional Living Planning   Rescinds #17-2013 7.E
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 29-2015 Youth Missing from Placement  Rescinds #23-2012
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 28-2015 Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 27-2015 Indian Child Welfare Act   Forms:  Active Efforts, Court Notice, Non-Court Notice, Cultural Plan,  Rescinds:  PM #7-2005, AM #01-2009
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 26-2015 Sex Trafficking  Rescinds #21-2013
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 24-2015 Central Registry Entries
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 23-2015 Central Registry - Minors  Rescinds #12-2015 and #16-2013 Page 41 12.D. 1-3
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 21-2015 Collaborating with the Child Advocacy Center (CAC)  Rescinds AM #22-2012
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 20-2015 Genetic Testing   Rescinds AM #10-11
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 19-2015 Updated Family Strengths and Needs Assessment Due Dates   Rescinds #8-2015
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 18-2015 Medical, Dental, and Vision Exams for State Wards  Rescinds AM#06-05 and AM#9-2011
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 16-2015 Family Team Meeting  Rescinds #15-2013
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 15-2015 Credit Reports for Youth in Foster Care   Rescinds #17-2013 Page 44 7. F
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 14-2015  Interview of a State Ward by Law Enforcement
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 13-2015 Life Sustaining Measures
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 10-2015 Notification to Non-Custodial Parent and Relatives when Children are Removed; Information to the Court Regarding Notification   Rescinds 27-2012
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo  11-2015 Concurrent Planning for Children in Out-of-Home Care   Rescinds #12-2012

pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 9-2015  Completion of a Home Study for Licensed, Relative, Kinship, Adoptive, Parental and ICPC Foster Homes and Standardized Format   Attachments:  Home Study Form, Home Study Guidebook, HIPPA Release of Information, Confidentiality Letter     Adam Walsh State Contacts for Child Abuse Registries

pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 7-2015 Mandatory Consultation Points
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 6-2015 Child Abuse Prevention Treatment Act (CAPTA) Reporting of Child Deaths and Near Deaths
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 5-2015 Bridge to Independence Program
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 4-2015 Clarification of Foster Care Reimbursement Rates and the Use of the Nebraska Caregiver Responsibility Tool
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 3-2015 Adult and Child Abuse and Neglect Report on DHHS Employees, Family Members of an Employee or Others Having Access to N-FOCUS
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 2-2015 Voluntary Placement Agreements Eliminated; Informal Living Arrangement Clarified
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 1-2015 State Ward Pregnancy  Rescinds AM 4-99
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 11-14 Foster Parent Insurance
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 10-2014 Parent Grievance and Complaint Procedures
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 9-2014 Adoption Assistance Payments
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 8-2014 Mandatory Monthly Visits with Children (Rescinds 4-2014 and 8-2013)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 7-2014 Collaboration in Facility Investigations of Child Abuse and Neglect
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 6-2014 Critical Incident Reporting (Rescinds 3-2014)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 5-2014 Document Imaging for DCFS and Foster Care Files
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 2-2014 Placement of Children with the Non-Custodial Parent  Adam Walsh State Contacts for Child Abuse Registries
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 1-2014 Responses to Allegations of Client Methamphetamine Use
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 22-2013 Return to Foster Care from Disrupted Trial Home Visit
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 20-2013 State Ward Application for Developmental Disability Services
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 19-2013 AFDC Eligibility(Redetermination) for title IV-E Eligible Children
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 18-2013 Placement of Children in Relative and Kinship Homes (formerly known as child specific) in Emergency and Non-Emergency Situations (Re-places AM6-2012)   Adam Walsh State Contacts for Child Abuse Registries
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 17-2013 On-going Case Management (Rescinds AM 13-2011 On-going Assessment Sections, AM 20-2012)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 16-2013 Initial Assessment Process (Rescinds AM 13-2011 IA Sections, AM 02-99, AM 19-2012 UNCOPE)   Adam Walsh State Contacts for Child Abuse Registries
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 14-2013 Expungement (Rescinds AM 6-2013)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 13-2013 Case Transfer (Rescinds AM 40-2012)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 11-2013 Adult Protective Services Working with Developmental Disabilities
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 10-2013 Review of Regulations
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 9-2013 Child Care Subsidy   Child Care Job Aid    Child Care Authorization Form
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 4-2013 OJS Siblings and Sibling Contact
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 2-2013 Non-Custodial Parent Care of a Child Who is a Ward or Non-Ward (Rescinds 1-2008, 13-2011 Non Custodial Parent Care of a Child Who is a Ward or Non-Ward)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 1-2013 Supervision of Initial Assessment Process (Rescinds 1-08, 13-2011 Sections on Supervision)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 37-2012 School Placement & Educational Stability (Rescinds 5-2012, 7-20123-2010)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 35-2012 Sibling Placement & Visitation
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 33-12 Subsequent Intakes on Current Initial Assessments
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 21-2012 IV-E Eligibility
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 17-12 Transition Aged Youth Referral and Coordination Process
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 15-12 Re-enrollment of State Wards in NE Medicaid Physical Health Managed Care
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 14-12 Continuance of Adoption Subsidy after Death of the Adoptive Parent
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 13-12 Working Together Program Improvement Plan
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo CEO Directive for Cross-Divisional Investigations
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 10-12 Admin Memo 6-09 Contacting the Nebraska Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline is Rescinded & Replaced (Replaces 6-09)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 9-12 Admin Memo 1-11 Revised Adult & Child Abuse & Neglect Screenings is Rescinded & Replaced (Replaces 1-11)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 8-12 Credit Check Requirements for Guardianship & Conservatorship   Adam Walsh State Contacts for Child Abuse Registries
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 4-12 Division of Children & Family Services Records Retention Schedule
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 21-11 Change in Vital Records "Adoption Medical History Form" for Parents
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 20-11 Review of Child's File by Adoptive Parents
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 19-11 Timeframe for Placement Changes on N-FOCUS & Receipt of Foster Parent Input in Court
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 18-11 Changes to Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Documents & Home Studies
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 16-11 Release of Photographs of State Wards
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 12-11 Attachment A - Sealing Juvenile Records (Replaces 6-10)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 8-11 Court Determinations, Reasonable Efforts, Preservation, Reunification, Termination of Rights
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Admin Memo 7-11 Parenting Time Guidelines
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 6-11 Permanency Pre-Hearing & Termination of Parental Rights Pre-Hearing Conferences
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 5-11 Fostering Connections Act 2008 - Kinship Guardianship Assistance
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 4-11 Child Support Enforcement Program; Intergovernmental Child Support; Final Rule
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 3-11 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 2-11 Determination of Maintenance Payment for Subsidized Adoption & Subsidized Guardianship
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 16-10 IV-E Foster Care Eligibility for 18 Year Olds
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 14-10 Fostering Connections Act 2008 - Federal Adoption Assistance
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 12-10 Acceptance of Parental Relinquishment
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 11-10 CFS Child Abuse & Neglect Intakes, Cross Jurisdiction Situations
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 10-10 Foster Youth Court Questionnaire
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 9-10 Mandatory Collateral Calls at Intake
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 5-10 Eligibility for State Subsidized Adoption for Children Receiving State Subsidized Guardianship
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 2-10 New N-FOCUS Service Type
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 13-09 Fostering Connections Act 2008 - Notice of Adoption Tax Credit
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 9-09 Implementation of Legislative Bill 403
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 5-09 YLS/CMI Tool
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 2-09 Calculating Mileage for the Transportation of State Wards
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 12-08 Documenting & Responding to Organization Complaints
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 11-08 Safe Haven Law
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 10-08 Administrative Services Organization for CFS
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 9-08 Implementation of Safety & In-Home Services Contract
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 7-08 Certificate of Attendance
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 4-08 Changes in Adoption Law Regarding Fathers' Rights
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 2-08 Collaboration with the Adoption Partnership & Locating Adoptive Families
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 5-07 Review of Court Orders - IVE Order Review Form for IM-FC Staff
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 3-07 Tracking of Court Involved & Non-Court Involved Cases
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 2-07 Free/Reduced School Lunches for State Wards
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 1-07 SSN in Verifying Foster Parents' Attendance at Trainings
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 4-06  Juvenile Drug Court Programs
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 1-06  Foster Care Placement Agreement
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 10-05  Reports of Child Abuse or Neglect Parent Handbook
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 9-05 Advocacy for Meeting the Educational Needs of State Wards
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 8-05 Documentation of Assessment, Licensing Complaints & Other Contacts on N-FOCUS
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 7-05 Changes to Protection & Safety Performance Evaluation
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 5-05 Independent Living Services Guidebook
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 4-05 Foster Parent Right to Notice & Participation in Hearings
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 3-05 Use of Child & Provider Characteristics on N-FOCUS
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 2-05 Staff Training on Administrative & Program Memos
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 1-05 Transportation Payment Increase to Foster Parents
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 4-04 Performance Evaluation Procedures for New Protection & Safety Workers/Trainees
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 4-04 1-800-7PARENT Information Line
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 3-04 Home Study Agreement with Iowa
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 1-04 OJS Direct Commitment Discharges
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 1-03 Standard Case File Format
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 5-99 Change in Name of Service
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 3-99 Notification Letters to Subjects of Reports
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 3-98 Holding Therapy
pdficon.gif (914 bytes)  Admin Memo 2-97 Retroactive Approval of Adoption Subsidy
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 1-09 Eligibility for Children With Parents Whose Rights are Terminated, Stepparents, or Guardians
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 4-07 Background Checks for Foster Care/Adoptive Care Licensing & Approval  Adam Walsh State Contacts for Child Abuse Registries
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 3-07 Time Frames for Home Studies Under the ICPC
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 2-07 Dual Citizenship of Foreign National Minors (Title 390)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 1-07 Medicaid Eligibility for Wards (Title 390 & 479)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 3-06 Use of Genograms & Eco-maps (Title 390)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 1-06 Mexican Consulate Program Memo (Title 390)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 14-05 Detention Services for Juvenile Offenders (Title 390)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 12-05 National Criminal History Background Checks for Contracted Providers   Adam Walsh State Contacts for Child Abuse Registries
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 9-05 Use of Guardianship as a Permanency Objective (Replaces 6-04)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 6-05 Procedures for Reports of Medical Neglect of a Handicapped Infant (CAPTA)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 6-05 Permanency Hearings & Termination of Parental Rights
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 5-05 Visitation Between Parents, Children & Siblings
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 4-05 Interjurisdictional Placement for Adoption
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 1-05 Diligent Efforts to Locate & Assess Non-Custodial Parents & Relatives
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 7-04 Visitation Policy for YRTC & HJCDP Youth (Title 390)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 5-04 Early Intervention Service Referrals - Early Development Network Referral Form (Title 390)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 1-01 Foster Parent Insurance
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 1-00 Adoption Home Studies for Private Adoptions
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 1-99 Adoption & Safe Families Act (LB1041)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 3-98 Guardianship as a Permanency Alternative
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 2-98 Adoption & Safe Families Act (LB1041)
pdficon.gif (914 bytes) Policy Memo 1-98 Child Care Subsidy for Foster Children


Division of Children & Family Services
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5044

Adult & Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline

ACCESSNebraska: 1-800-383-4278
Child Support: 1-877-631-9973
Child Care Licensing: 1-800-600-1289
Child and Adult Abuse/Neglect: 402-471-9272
Foster Care & Adoption Policy: 402-471-9272
Foster Care Licensing: 1-800-257-0176


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