Foster Care

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Foster care is a safety service for children when they are unable to remain safely at home.  The Department provides the child with a substitute family that is approved or licensed by the Department.  The child’s stay is temporary while the parents get support in working toward the safe return of their child.

The main goal for children in foster care is to return to their families.   Foster parents help children and their parents achieve this goal.  Foster parents participate as a team member for the child.  Their goal is to work with the child, family, and caseworker toward achieving the child’s goals.  Foster family care is families helping families.

The caseworker is responsible for providing services to help the child and family to reach their goal of the child returning home.  When it is not possible to get the family back together due to safety concerns, our goal becomes finding a permanent home and family for the child.  This is done by adoption or guardianship and could involve the court and attorneys.

Division of Children & Family Services
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