NHAP Funding

Applications are due by 2/16/18 at 5:00 CST
Grant year 2018-2019 is the 1st year of this two-year grant cycle, which is an open year. All applicants, both former and new, will be considered for NHAP funding if all eligibility requirements are met and a completed application is submitted per instructions.  Please note, there is a projected overall increase of $601,576.70 in funding available for FY 2018-19.  See the Regional Allocation chart in the NHAP program guidelines for a breakdown of distribution within each region. 
Additional data regarding returns to homelessness is required to be submitted with the NHAP application.  This data can be provided by your HMIS Lead or collected from comparable data bases for victim service providers.  For HMIS users, allow sufficient time to contact the HMIS lead to request this data.  See program guidelines for additional information.
No verbal questions will be answered. All questions and inquires must be in writing and submitted via authorized format noted above. Responses to questions will be posted on the NHAP website. Questions regarding this application should be directed to NHAP Coordinator Nikki Swope by electronic mail at: DHHS.HomelessAssistance@nebraska.gov


NEED HELP:  Are you looking for help for yourself or someone you know who is homeless or near homeless?  Please check the following for additional information.

Information on criteria and assistance NHAP Snapshot.

List of Agencies NHAP funds to help homeless or near homeless individuals and families NHAP Provider snapshot.

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