DHHS Food Distribution
Food Complaints

USDA makes every effort to ensure that donated foods provided through the Food Distribution Program are of the highest quality.  However, if there are concerns, recipients may file a complaint.

The purpose of USDA donated foods complaint is to resolve problems with product quality and the packaging of donated foods, improve product specifications, and monitor vendor performance.  Manufacturers that produce foods for USDA, which are distributed through food distribution programs to schools and other outlets, will have the option of using their own commercial label, or they can continue to use the traditional USDA labels. This will mean that you may receive USDA donated foods with a label that is the same as those which you have purchased commercially.  For example, your USDA donated green beans may come in can with a Del Monte label.

Procedure for Filing a Complaint

1) Fill out one of the following complaint forms: Complaint Form (excel)Complaint Form (pdf)

2) Call and talk to us and fax or send in the complaint form.

3) The food in question should be placed on hold until it can be inspected and/or a decision made as to what action is to be taken.

4) We will submit the complaint to the proper agency.

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