DHHS Food Distribution
Delivery and Carrier Information

USDA Donated Foods Receiving Instructions

1) The Recipient Agency (RA) should physically verify that the cases are the exact product, quantity, and pack size as shown on the contractor's delivery document.

2) The RA should visually inspect cases for signs of damage.  The RA should reject only the damaged product and accept undamaged product in the case.  For example: one bag of flour is broken in a bale of four; the three bags that are not damaged should be accepted.

3) The RA must write all shortages, damages, or other discrepancies on the contractor’s delivery document.  If this information is not recorded, you will have no recourse with the contractor.  If a RA receives damaged items or frozen items that have been thawed and the driver is reluctant to take them back, call the Nebraska Food Distribution Program Staff while the driver is present. 

4)  The Recipient Agency must file claims for reimbursement against the contractor for shorted or damaged foods. The contractor is required to reimburse the Recipient Agency's account or issue a refund check for the value of the damaged or shorted item(s) including the donated foods value, storage and delivery fee, and processing fee (if applicable).  Any processing fees that we invoice you for are still payable to DHHS for items shorted or damaged by the contractor.

5)  Call the Nebraska Food Distribution Program Staff to report any discrepancies other than minor damages.

6) By policy, only Nebraska Food Distribution Program staff may approve substitutions.

7) Occasionally DHHS will issue fair share allocations of donated foods.  Do not refuse delivery of fair share allocations. You will be charged for every delivery or attempted delivery made by the contractor. You may re-donate USDA foods to other recipient agencies or food pantries without prior state approval. 

Carrier Information

The Thompson Company, LLC
3636 West Stolley Park Rd
Grand Island, NE  68803
Contact: Valerie Sims
Phone: 308-382-6581 ext. 126
Fax: 402-382-1813
Braunger Foods
900 Clark Street
Sioux City, IA 51101
Contact: Jackie Potts
Phone: 712-258-4515
Fax: 712-258-1130

 Carrier Responsibilities for Delivery

• Carrier will ship all foods in clean trucks.
• Frozen and cold items will be on refrigerated trucks.
• Carrier will deliver food to the recipient agency, inside the Recipient Agency's building.  This means inside a door, not necessarily into the kitchen or storage area.
• Carrier will remove shrink-wrap from pallets and make cases accessible for count verification and case inspection.
• Food must be protected and delivered in proper condition and temperature in accordance with food safety regulations. Dry foods and fresh produce must be protected from freezing. Frozen product must be protected from thawing.
• Donated foods will be delivered to a RA on a schedule agreed upon between the Carrier and RA.  Recipient Agencies schedule deliveries on the contractor’s website if provided.  Recipient Agencies that are closed for an athletic event, vacation, snow days, etc., on a delivery date that has been established with the Carrier must make sure a responsible person is available to receive donated foods.
• Deliveries will be made during working hours of 6:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
• The Carrier will contact the recipient agency to receive permission to deliver after 5:00 p.m., in case of unexpected situations.
• The Carrier will make certain an authorized representative of the RA signs his/her name to all copies of the Bill of Lading. The RA’s copy will be left with them and the carrier will retain remaining copies.
• The Nebraska Food Distribution Program (not the carrier) may substitute product not listed on the delivery document.