Food Distribution Program
Calculating Cost of USDA Donated Foods

Distribution Costs:
USDA foods are stored and delivered by a contractor. If you choose to pick up your order at the state contracted warehouse, only the storage rate would apply. The following rates are in effect and will be billed to you by the contractor. These rates apply to all locations.

School Year 2014-15
Storage                       $1.75/case
Storage and Delivery  $3.98/case

School Year 2015-16

Storage                       $1.79/case
Storage and Delivery  $4.07/case

Donated Foods Value and Processing Fees:
After logging on to CNPweb under the ‘Reports’ tab, run the report titled “Product Cost Per Serving”.  This report shows the cost per serving (donated foods value for brown box and processing fees for processed items) but does not take distribution charges into account since we don’t know if you will be picking up the items, having them delivered or in the case of brown box, having them delivered to your own warehouse directly from the USDA (1/4 truck load minimum).








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