Energy Assistance

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The Nebraska Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps people with limited incomes offset the cost of heating and cooling their homes.

The program will partially pay the cost of electricity, fuel oil, gas, coal, wood, kerosene, propane, or other fuel source.

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Eligibility is based on a household's resources and income. Some resources aren’t counted like your home, one car, and personal belongings such as furniture and clothing. The resource limit is $5,000. Resources that are counted include cash, checking and savings accounts, time certificates, CD's, stocks, bonds and property other than your home.

Effective for the time period October 1, 2013 - September 30, 2014 the income limits are:
Household Size Maximum Income
1 $13,328.00






​5 $31,981.00
6 $36,644.00
7 $41,308.00
8 $45,971.00
9 ​$50,634.00
​10 ​$55.297.00
​Each Additional Member add $4,663.00

Grant amounts are based on your income, type of residence, and the type of fuel used. The minimum LIHEAP payment per fuel type is:

  • Electricity, Natural Gas and Coal/$121; Fuel Oil and Kerosene/$202;
  • Propane/$211 Wood/$165.

If you’ve been threatened with a utility shutoff, or have received a shutoff notice, you may be eligible for a one time crisis payment. To be eligible for crisis assistance you must meet the resource and income guidelines, have attempted to keep your utility bills current but unforeseen circumstances have created the crisis.

In most instances the LIHEAP payment will be sent to the utility providers.

There's also a cooling program available to households in the summer. To be eligible for the cooling program, there must be someone in the household that is 70 or older or meets some specific medical condition that makes a person susceptible to heat. The household must still meet the resource and income guidelines.

For further assistance, or an application, contact the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services office in your county.

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