Emergency Assistance Program

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Emergency Assistance helps with money and/or services for needy children and other household members when there’s an emergency situation. The program helps when the situation is threatening to the health or well-being of an eligible child and family. To be eligible for emergency assistance a family must have gross countable income less than the following:

Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Income $860 $1,060 $1,260 $1,462 $1,661 $1,861 $2,063 $2,263 $2,462 $2,662

Payment may be made for:

  1. Rent or mortgage payments,

  2. Home furnishings,

  3. Emergency non-food items, such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies,

  4. Emergency food,

  5. Emergency clothing,

  6. Moving costs,

  7. Transportation,

  8. Emergency special diets,

  9. Medical payments, or

  10. Emergency telephone installation.

In most instances, Emergency Assistance payments will be sent to the provider of the service.

For more information, find the phone number of the nearest HHS office.

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