Children and Family Services
Intent to Contract Award
Safety and In-Home Services

The focus of the Children and Family Services Division at this time is on contract negotiation and transition planning with the agencies that received the Intent to Award as a result of the Request for Bids.  No additional questions concerning the RFB process or awarding of Letters of Intent will be accepted after May 30, 2008.

PDF Bidder Scores - Intent to Award             PDFBid Reviewer List   

Any questions concerning the Bid review process should be sent in writing by letter or e-mail to: DHHS, Attn: Allison Wilson, P.O. Box 95026, Lincoln, NE 68509 or Attn: Allison Wilson

MS Excel Document List of Safety and In Home RFB Bidders

Amended date to issue the Letters of Intent to Award:
May 6, 2008:
Letters of Intent to Award issued by DHHS/CFS.

PDF Request for Bids Cover Letter         PDFRequest for Bids Cover Letter Addendum

PDF Request for Bids

MS Excel Document Q & A Round 1

MS Excel Document Q & A Round 2

Appendix Information

MS Excel Document MEDICAID Enrolled Laboratories and Hospitals

PDF Department of Health and Human Services Service Area Map

PDF Federal and State Outcome Goals

PDF Service Array Diagram

PDF Administrative Memo #1-2008

PDF Nebraska Safety Intervention System (NSIS) Policy: Safety Assessment

PDF Nebraska Safety Intervention System (NSIS) Policy: On-Going

PDF Glossary of Terms

pdf Insurance Requirements

MS Excel Document Derived Placement Report Raw Data Calendar 1-08

MS Excel Document Derived Placement Report by Age and Service Area 2006 to present

MS Excel Document Statewide and Service Area Entry/Exit Data June 02 to Present

MS Excel Document CAN Intake Trends

MS Excel Document Paid Claims by Service Type

pdf Nebraska Lifespan/Respite Network Brief

pdf Nebraska Respite Network Contacts

MS Word Document Cost Proposal Form

Addendum # 1 to Appendix Information

PDF Program Memo #13-2005 Emergency Shelter Care Placements

PDF Program Memo #2-2006 Family Centered Practice

PDF Emergency Shelter Center Data Point in time comparison

PDF Federal Measure On Placements Less Than 8 Days

Foster Youth Council

MS Excel Document Service and Contractors by Service Area

MS Excel Document Expenditures by Service Area 2006, 2007, through February 2008   UPDATED April 8, 2008

pdf Family Organizations Contacts

pdf Genogram     pdfGenogram Symbols     pdfEcomaps    pdfEcoBlank

pdf Secure Information Exchange   The SIX system

Addendum #2 to Appendix Information

Contract Templates  

MS Excel Document Number of Claims by Service Area

MS Excel Document 2007 Child Abuse and Neglect Data

MS Excel Document Adjudication by Petition Type

MS Excel Document 2007 State Wards by County

MS Excel Document Child Welfare Rate Structure 1995-2008

MS Excel Document Derived Placement by County

pdf March 2008 Derived Placement by Service Area

pdf March 2008 Derived Placement by County


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