What Can I Expect if I Report Someone for Abuse?

You are not required to give your name.  You will be asked to give your name so that, if necessary, the Protection and Safety Worker can get more information later.   As long as the report is in good faith, you are not liable.  Your report is confidential.  Your name can only be given to law enforcement or a court of law.

The Department will investigate all reports of suspected child abuse and neglect that meet the screening criteria. The Department and police work together on reports and the police may also do an investigation. Due to the confidential nature of the investigation, the person who reports the abuse cannot be informed of the action taken or the result of the report.

Help Stop Child Abuse

Call the Abuse/Neglect Hotline at 1-800-652-1999

Do not use e-mail to report cases of abuse.
If there is an emergency call local law enforcement immediately.

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