Every child deserves a loving family.

Requirements for Adoptive Parents

When the adoption is complete, you will be the parent of this child.  Your family will be no different than any other family.   You will give your child all that a family should be.  While the adoption is in process, the agency will make all decisions about the child.

You should honor the child’s past and help their self esteem by talking about his/her family and history.

As an adoptive parent, you should::

  • Incorporate the child into your family.
  • Cooperate with any therapy your child may need.
  • Help your child handle the feelings of abandonment at not being able to return to her/his birth family.
  • Try to incorporate the child’s background into your family.
  • Help your child’s self esteem by having a good attitude about your child’s background, birth family, and history.
  • Be comfortable with your child asking questions about:
    • his/her adoption,
    • her/his history of placement, and
    • why he/she cannot return to the birth family.
  • Try to maintain some contact between the child’s birth siblings and his/her adoptive family.
  • If appropriate, maintain an open adoption with the child’s extended family, which may include exchange of pictures and letters, or contacts.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding the child’s background.

Prior to Finalization of the Adoption
Cooperate with the agency in decision making about the child.

After the Finalization of the Adoption
Accept your child into your family as though he/she had been born to you. .



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