Briana Name: Briana
Birthdate: December, 1997
Sex: F
Race: Caucasian
Special Needs: Moderate emotional, Moderate behavioral, and Moderate learning.
Number of Siblings: 1
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: She has a sister with whom she would like to stay in contact.

Briana is a feisty girl who loves to talk. Described as an eternal talker, Briana is happiest when she has an attentive audience to listen as she describes her perspective on everything from how her day went to what she saw on T.V. that day, especially if it involves SpongeBob or any show on BET.

In her downtime Briana enjoys skating, singing and hanging out with friends. When Briana grows up she would like to be either a model or a mother, because she loves to be around and care for younger children.
In her own words Briana states that the type of family wanting to adopt her doesn’t matter “as long as they love and respect all aspects of me.”
The best family for Briana would be one that can be structured but not inflexible. A family able to devote a lot of one on one time with Briana really listening to her and helping her to reach her fullest potential. Briana states that she would prefer a home where the members of the family show a lot of respect to one other.



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