Ariel  Name: Ariel
Birthdate: July, 1997
Sex: F
Race: African American
Special Needs: None
Number of Siblings: 7
Names of Siblings: Jeronicka and Jerrod
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: Yes

Ariel is the oldest of 7 children. She loves her siblings more than anything else in the world and would do anything for them. With Ariel’s friendly and motivated nature, she excels in school, both earning excellent grades and making friends easily. Ariel describes herself as being quiet, respectful, funny, and smart.

In her free time, Ariel likes to play volleyball, listen to music, hangout with friends giving manicures or shopping, and of course spending time with her siblings. Ariel would like to go to college to earn a degree in nursing since she enjoys taking care of others.

Ariel needs a family that can understand how important her existing family bond is to her and would be willing to help Ariel maintain a relationship with all of her siblings and biological family members. She would also need a family that would be willing and able to show support to Ariel every single day and encourage her to place herself first.

For more information:

Phone: 402-978-5667

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