Trennesha Name: Trennesha
Birthdate:  May, 1996
Sex: F
Race: African American
Special Needs: Moderate emotional, Moderate behavioral, Moderate learning, Mild developmental
Number of Siblings: NA
Names of Siblings:  NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested:  NA

In her own words, Trennesha describes herself: The most important thing I love doing is spending time with my daughter. She's my everything. Secondly, I enjoy shopping and hanging out with friends. Reading is something I enjoy doing myself and I also enjoy reading to my daughter. I'm not a big fan of school, but I've come to my senses that in order to make it in the world it needs to be a priority, especially if I want something in this world. I want to make sure my daughter is happy. I also want to make her proud.
I am currently a junior in high school and I don't have a favorite subject, but me and lunch get along well! I'm good at Art, English, and Speech Class. I love Fitness Class, exercising is my favorite, running is my thing. The things I struggle at is Math, History, and Science Class, however I am willing to always put forth my best effort.
The kind of family I want to be adopted by is one that will be there for me when I need it and most definitely a family that is going to push me to be successful and not always depend on other to get it for me. A family that is also going to help me with the basics, specifically in regards to my daughter. I want to know what thing I could do that are going to help me become a successful mother to my daughter. Lastly, I would like a family that I could talk to whenever and without arguing and talk about life. Giving is not an option for me, so I'm willing to face all obstacles that come my way.
For more information:
Phone: 402-677-5275