Savannah Name: Savannah   Status: HOLD
Birthdate:  October, 1996
Sex: F
Race: African American
Special Needs: Mild Physical and Developmental, Moderate Emotional and Behavioral
Number of Siblings: NA
Names of Siblings: NA 
Is Contact with Siblings Requested:  NA

Savannah enjoys coloring pictures, listening to music (especially Justin Bieber), and doing puzzles. Savannah strives to graduate from high school, and then continue on to college. Her long-term goals include becoming a special educational teacher, open a special educational school, and “tweak” a few engines (including four wheelers).   Savannah has stated that she would enjoy volunteering at the Humane Society in her local community.
Savannah does have needs that require patience, consistency, and teaching.  She needs a placement that is willing to hold her accountable for her actions, but to also nurture to what she has lost throughout her life.  She continues to struggle with the loss of her family and continues to deal with the grief and frustration that she cannot return home to this family. 
Savannah responds well to others whom seem genuinely interested in her well-being. She is a very literal person.  Savannah previously participated in a Mommy & Me program where she was able to interact with young children and toddlers, and help them with their crafts. Savannah reported to enjoy this activity very much.
For more information:
Phone: 402-708-6448