Nevaeh Name: Nevaeh
Birthdate: April 2002
Sex: F
Race: African American
Special Needs: Mild Behavior
Number of Siblings: 2
Names of Siblings: Brend'n and Jazmine
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: Nevaeh must be adopted with Jazmine and she needs to maintain a relationship with her brother Brend’n. 

Nevaeh is a social butterfly and a girly-girl. She loves to wear bows and go shopping. Nevaeh is not afraid to tell you her likes and dislikes. She is very social and enjoys spending time with her siblings and friends.

She excels in school and plays the violin. Nevaeh would like to play soccer and run track. Nevaeh loves to eat and helps out in the kitchen, with her favorite food being ravioli. She enjoys playing outside and always stays active. She spends her free time watching movies and playing with friends. Nevaeh would like to have a pet one day.

She is very excited about living in a forever home and wants a loving family who will support her and be consistent. It is very important for Nevaeh to maintain a relationship with her younger brother and older sister. 

For more information:
Phone: 402-591-5077

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