Kelis Name: Kelis
Birthdate:  September, 2006
Sex: F
Race: African American
Special Needs: Mild physical, Moderate emotional, Moderate behavioral, Mild developmental, Mild learning
Number of Siblings: 2
Names of Siblings: DayEonna and Daniel 
Is Contact with Siblings Requested:  Kelis must be placed with her brother and sister Daniel and DayEonna. 

Kelis, a girly girl, loves doing hair, painting nails, playing dress up, and taking care of her baby dolls.  She introduces herself as smart and silly! Kelis enjoys watching the Disney channel and especially loves Hello Kitty.  Kelis is very musical and she loves to sing and dance with her brother and sister. Just like her big sister, Kelis wants to be a first grade teacher.  She likes to eat shrimp and pizza and has fun hanging out at home with her siblings watching movies or playing video games.
For more information:
Phone: 402-515-5263