Angela Name: Angela   Status: HOLD, pending placement June 2014
Birthdate:  January, 1999
Sex: F
Race: Caucasian
Special Needs: Mild Physical, Moderate Behavioral and Emotional
Number of Siblings: NA
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested:  Yes; however, they will not be adopted together. Contact may be requested in the future.

Angela can be described as a “social butterfly.” She is easy to talk to and get to know. Angela says that she is a very nice person unless she feels disrespected.
Although she is an outgoing, people person, there are some things she prefers to do on her own – like her school work. She is an extremely smart girl who excels in her classes when she puts forth the effort. Currently, Angela’s favorite subject is Honors Science; as she states - she enjoys a challenge. Her goal is to become a heart surgeon. Angela has a special interest in this career because she has had two open heart surgeries herself.
Angela enjoys watching scary movies and listening to rap music. Her favorite music artist is Nicki Minaj. Angela is not currently involved in any sports; however, she would like to be on a wrestling team someday. If granted three wishes, she would want the superpower to fly, to own a limo for when she needs a ride and to own a McDonalds. Angela desires to live in a larger city in a two-parent or single mother home.
Angela would do best in a home where she is an only child or the youngest, although she does not want to be “bossed” by older children. She has the desire, like most teenagers, to have some freedom and control over her life and states that sometimes she needs to be left alone and allowed to “just breathe”. She needs a family that is understanding and will be there to listen. Angela would like a family; however, she admits that she does have a hard time trusting others and allowing them to get close. Angela needs a family that will create a safe, structured environment; provide a lot of praise and positive reinforcement; and guide her to become the woman that she can and wants to be.
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Phone: (402) 661-3135   

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