Tong Name: Tong
Birthdate: January 2002
Sex: M
Race: African American
Special Needs: Mild emotional, Mild behavioral, Mild learning
Number of Siblings: 1
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: Yes, but his permanency plan does not include placement with them.

Tong is a bright, happy young boy.  He loves sports especially football and he plays wide receiver on his football team. Tong is intelligent and does very well in school, though sometimes he can get distracted by the social aspect of classes.  He participates in technology clubs and says he likes learning about and working with computers and cameras Tong has a good sense of humor and likes to make others laugh. A positive male role model would be of great benefit to Tong.  Tong has an older sister that he is very close to and it is important this relationship be maintained.

For more information:

Phone: 402-553-6000 ext. 173