Name: Jamel
Birthdate: 08-23-95
Sex: M
Race: AA/H/C
Special Needs: Moderate learning, behavioral and emotional
Number of Siblings: NA
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: Yes

Jamel, he likes to pronounce it "Ja-mal" is an adorable boy with a lively personality. He enjoys the attention of others and is eager to please. He is polite, talkative and does not hesitate to ask for help.

Jamel likes to play video games and watch Disney cartoons. Jamel is a very active boy and enjoys playing basketball and football. Rabbits and dogs are his favorite animals to play with but he also likes fish and parrots. Jamel enjoys being in the outdoors and fishing with his current caregivers. Jamel is very creative and his favorite subject in school is art. He also likes to practice his numbers in Spanish.

At this time Jamel is fascinated with cars, he loves to draw and play with them. Someday he hopes to receive an electric scooter. This is a goal he wants to work toward for improved behavior or doing well in school.

Jamel will need a family who can provide a lot of structure and consistency, as well as unconditional love because he has faced many challenges in his life and has emotional needs. He will need guidance to help him learn how to consistently maintain positive relationships with his peers. Jamel is affectionate with his current caregivers and enjoys giving and receiving hugs. Jamel has so much potential, and needs a strong loving family who he can look up to.

For more information:

Email: wrottenbucher@lfsneb.org
Phone: 402-978-5667