Tierney Name: Tierney
Birthdate: January, 2003 
Sex: M
Race: White/Caucasian
Special Needs: Mild physical and developmental. Severe emotional, behavioral, educational
Number of Siblings: 1
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: Must remain in contact with his older sister (not shown), adopted grandmother, and current placement
Tierney is looking for a family who will be able to keep up with him.  Tierney is always on the go and enjoys riding his bike, helping out in the garden, playing with his toys, snuggling on the sofa and giving hugs.  Tierney is best when he is the center of “your” universe and enjoys all of the attention.  Tierney is asking for a strong male role model in his life and a family that is very structured and patient

For more information:

Phone: 402-504-3607