Name: Thomas “Maliyjah”
Birthdate: October 2000 
Sex: M
Race: African American/Caucasian
Special Needs: Moderate emotional and severe behavioral
Number of Siblings: 2
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: Yes

Thomas is a very creative young man. He enjoys anything that involves drawing or art as he uses that as a way to communicate at times. Thomas also enjoys anything having to do with ‘pop culture’ including music, movies, and different television shows. Thomas also enjoys to be outside; whether it is camping, hiking, or simply just going for a walk. He enjoys being around animals and nature.

Thomas would like to be with a family who enjoys being active in the community. Thomas does have biological siblings but he would be far more successful in a home that he is the only child. Because of Thomas getting enjoyment from being outside, a smaller town or rural setting would be more beneficial for him. Thomas loves to read as well as going to the library to pick out the books he wants to read. 

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