Sir Messiah

Name: Sir Messiah
Birthdate: July, 2000 
Sex: M
Race: African American
Special Needs: Moderate emotional, Moderate behavioral
Number of Siblings: NA
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: Yes, but his permanency plan does not include placement with them.

Sir Messiah is an independent, fun loving boy that loves to make his peers laugh. Sir Messiah enjoys playing basketball, soccer and football. He recently started playing football and enjoys being part of a team. He also enjoys drawing and playing video games. He likes dogs, cats and fish and hopes he is able to have a pet one day. He also enjoys listening to gospel music.

Sir Messiah is very goal oriented and motivated by positive attention. He has big plans for the future as he would like to attend college to become a teacher. Sir Messiah can be competitive with his peers and does not like it when things are not fair. Sir Messiah does well with peers who are older than him. He does very well in school and likes the daily structure.

For more information:

Phone: (402) 661-3122