Ryan Name: Ryan
Birthdate:  August, 1997
Sex: M
Race: Caucasian
Special Needs: Moderate Emotional, Mild Behavioral
Number of Siblings: 1
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested:  NA

Ryan is an upbeat young man with many strengths. He has demonstrated great initiative to meet goals, as well as solve problems. He is described as being outspoken and not afraid to voice his thoughts and opinions. Ryan would like a family that shares his appreciation for sarcasm, since this is one of his favorite ways to communicate. A family that likes to talk and listen would be ideal. Ryan loves to talk and debate things. Others have said he has a "gift of gab."
Ryan wants to be 100% accepted into a family and be treated like a “normal” kid. Ryan would like a family that loves all of their children equally, no matter what differences there are or how they became part of the family. Ryan wishes to be part of a family that is athletic and is willing to support him being involved in activities. He enjoys playing all sports, but especially baseball. He also loves watching sports on TV and just hanging out by himself or as a family, preferably some of both.
Ryan would like a family with older males that he can look up to and strongly desires male guidance in his life.
For more information:
Email: sagen.snyder@nebraska.gov
Phone: 402-730-5985