Name: Rue
Birthdate: July 1996
Sex: M
Race: Caucasian
Special Needs: Moderate physical/medical, Severe emotional, Severe behavioral, Moderate developmental, Severe learning
Number of Siblings: NA
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: NA

Rue has a captivating sense of humor and a charming personality!  He is a great worker who always wants to help around the house.  He uses cleaning as a coping skill!  The way to Rue’s heart is to keep him full on Chinese food with Axe spray in the house!  Rue likes to spend time riding bikes, swimming at the pool or lake, drawing, or playing games such as Monopoly or the Wii.  He also enjoys watching sports and wearing Jordans!  When Rue grows up, he wants to get a job where he can work with his hands, possibly in construction or as a plumber. 

Rue has a strong sense of caring for his siblings and likes to visit them as often as he can!  He would prefer to stay in Nebraska to be close to his siblings.  He likes dogs so is open to having pets in the home.

Rue would like to be a part of a family where he has at least a dad.  He needs a family where he is the only child or where he can get a lot of individual attention.  His future family needs to have patience and structure in their home.  Rue's future family will need to be open-minded and have a good sense of humor!

For more information:

Phone: 402-661-7100