Name: Nate
Birthdate: 03-27-08
Sex: M
Race: N/A
Special Needs: Mild behavioral and emotional
Number of Siblings: 2
Names of Siblings: Chakara and Jaisean
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: Adopted together and maintain contact with former foster family.

Nathaniel, or Nate as he’s been nicknamed, is an artistic, insightful, and intelligent young child.  He doesn’t miss a beat and absorbs information very quickly.  Nate enjoys creating, building, and coloring; he can transform simple papers and cardboard into basketball hoops, robots, cars, and more.  Nate takes great pride in his siblings, Jaisean and Chakara, and is very protective of and helpful with them.   A perfect home for these siblings is one that could provide permanency for all three of them.

For more information:

Phone: (402) 553-6000