Javier Name: Javier
Birthdate: October 2003 
Sex: M
Race: Hispanic/Latino 
Special Needs: Moderate Emotional and Severe Behavioral
Number of Siblings: NA
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: NA


Javier is a fun and bubbly child. He will play with almost any toy and has the capability to make a pencil into a toy if he needs to. Javier likes to draw.  He also enjoys playing soccer and football. Javier is also interested in playing basketball. He also likes to play with small action figures and is especially fond of the super hero figures he has at this time. Javier is also interested in video games and  likes to watch television as well.
Javier is in third grade and has begun making progress in all areas of his school work. Javier is not a shy child and does not need much time to warm up to others. He does not have many dislikes and it depends on the day and his mood if he dislikes something.
Javier needs a patient loving family who is willing to work with him and love him. He is an active little boy who loves to stay busy so he is looking for a family who is willing to keep up. Javier needs a family where he is the only child. Javier requires a lot of attention and does not share well with others at times.  Javier needs a family that is willing to provide him with his unique needs. 

For more information:

Email: angelia.biggs@nebraska.gov
Phone: 402-385-2571 ext. 105