Fernandez Name: Fernandez
Birthdate: July, 2000
Sex: M
Race: African American 
Special Needs: Mild emotional, Mild behavioral
Number of Siblings: NA
Names of Siblings: NA
Is Contact with Siblings Requested: Yes, but his permanency plan does not include placement with them.

Fernandez can simply be described as all boy!  He loves sports, especially football, basketball, wrestling, and swimming.  When the weather is nice outside, Fernandez likes to spend his time fishing!  When he was asked what his favorite food is, he laughed and said, "everything!" 

Fernandez can be shy but after he gets comfortable, his sense of humor and contagious smile comes alive!   Fernandez likes to do things to help others. He has been getting good grades in school and his favorite subject is math.  When Fernandez grows up, he wants to either be a football player, a police officer, or a real estate agent.

For more information:

Email: mmatthies@nchs.org
Phone: 402-677-5283