Name: Aision
Birthdate: January 2007
Sex: M
Race: African American
Special Needs: Mild physical, developmental and learning; Moderate emotional and behavioral
Number of Siblings: 3
Names of Siblings: Quintel, NA

Is Contact with Siblings Requested: Aision needs to remain in contact with Quintel, and his other two siblings.

Aision a very energetic and loveable boy! Aision has a caring and helpful personality and is also meticulous and very detail oriented. Aision enjoys spending time outdoors playing with bubbles, riding his bicycle, going to the zoo, and playing on Jungle Gyms. Aision loves playing with puzzles, play doh, and toys that allow him to build and construct. To relax, Aision enjoys taking baths! Aision is a very intelligent boy and enjoys reading and being read to. At school, he is a social butterfly with his peers! When he grows up, Aision hopes to be a fireman or teacher! Aision has a big heart, and can light up a room and turn anyone's day around with his sweet voice and charm. 


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Phone: 402-677-5283