Every child deserves a loving family.


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All children deserve to grow up in a good home. When a child cannot be returned to his or her original family, adoption becomes the goal.

The goal of adoption is to provide a child with a family for the rest of their life. Adoption is the means of transferring to a child and parents all the legal rights that they would have if that child had been born to them.

The value of adoption is that it provides a child with the basic needs: legal status, social status, and a family of their own.

For more information, contact:

Legal Questions about Adoption: Contact an attorney

Interested in Adoption from Foster Care: Contact 1-800-7PARENT (1-800-772-7368)

Questions before Finalizing Adoption: Contact your current caseworker or the Adoption Program Specialist at 402-471-9254

Post Adoption or Guardianship Subsidy Questions:

  • Income Maintenance Program Manager 402-471-9333
  • Southeast Service Area: 402-471-5359
  • Western, Central & Northern Service Area: 308-850-4558
  • Eastern Service Area: 402-595-3275


View a list ofNebraska Licensed Private Adoption Agencies.


Adoption - A Guide for Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Families

Non-recurring Subsidy

Subsidized Guardianship

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