Central Registry Update
Upcoming Changes to the Central Registry Check Process 
An online portal for organizations to request, receive and review Child/Adult Abuse and Neglect Central Registry background checks will be available here soon. The portal will provide more convenience and easier access. LB 225 passed in the 2017 Legislative session allows DHHS to charge a fee to recover expenses in checking backgrounds. 
Projected timeline for the online portal:
  • January 29th to February 25th - Pilot Program Users access the new portal
  • February 12th to February 25th – Early Enrollment for Businesses and Organizations
  • February 26th, 2018 – Full Launch of the new DHHS CFS Central Registry Portal to all users
  • March 5th, 2018 – Shutdown of the current Fax process, closing the current fax line
Further updates from the Central Registry team will keep you up to date with any changes
The online portal will:
  • Ensure clear and accurate requests.
  • Eliminate the return of requests.
  • Eliminate the business or organization role in verifying identities.  
  • Allow the review of all background checks and results.
  • Allow online identity verifications.

Fees will reimburse DHHS' costs and offer convenient services:
  • DHHS fee.  $2.50 for the Central Registry check (pending approval of regulations).
  • Optional online identity proofing.  Optional $1 optional online identity verification fee.
  • Optional annual subscription fee.  $50 annual subscriber fee for Central Registry checks. 
  • Optional online payment processing fee.  $1.50 optional online payment processing fee.
More information and instructions on using the new online portal.
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