Q:  Our agency is unable to obtain proof of 501 (c) 3 status from the IRS before the application deadline.  How should we address this issue?

A: NHAP acknowledges that there may be delays with receiving this documentation from the IRS.  Please submit your most recent copy of 501 (c) 3 status and once the agency receives the most current documentation from the IRS, please submit to

Q: Is there a minimum number of regional CoC meetings that are required?

​A: While there is not a required number of CoC meetings that must be attended, ESG/NHAP guidelines state that the entity applying for NHAP funds must have active engagement with their relevant CoC. To verify participation,

  1. the applicant is required to provide evidence of participation in their Continuum of Care and
  2. G. Obtain Continuum of Care approval for the need for the proposed services identified in their application and provide documentation of such approval.

Q: Would it be acceptable to just list a collective “Client Advocates” on the Personnel spreadsheet rather than list each employee by name?

A:  All staff being funded through NHAP needs to be listed on the Personnel Spreadsheet by name and percentage of FTE dedicated to the staff person.  Ensure that the agency has a timesheet with an activity chart or some method of denoting that the activities performed by staff are dedicated and eligible for NHAP funding.

Q: We have a certification to conduct business dated February 2015.  Will that suffice or do we need more current verification?

A: All applicants are required to submit a current certification to conduct business from the Nebraska Secretary of State.

Q: Is there is a definition of “Signatory Local Official” for Attachment C?

A: HUD does not regulate who is the “Signatory Local Official”.  It is up to the city to determine who that person is the designated official.  This varies widely across the state and can range from the Urban Development Office to city clerk’s office.  Contact the city office to determine who the Signatory Local Official is for your city.

Q: I’m looking for guidance regarding Attachment E – Risk Assessment. Who should complete this assessment? If it is not a self-assessment, who do we contact/how do we arrange to have the assessment completed?

A: The agency completes the risk assessment and NHAP reviews for any required follow-up, clarification, etc.  If an agency has not been funded in the past 2-year funding cycle, please respond to the following section as “N/A”

Has it been more than 3 years since the entity has had a site-visit? 
Has it been over a year since the entity had a desk audit? 
Has it been more than one year since audited financial statements have been received from the entity?