​In the Sample Indirect Cost Proposal, it appears to be listing salaries individuals such as Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, Finance Officer, etc. We value our employees privacy, do not wish to publish their salaries where others can see them. Can we just total all administrative payroll, then list the positions included? Instead of listing each individuals wages?

We do need this information broke out by job title and associated salary. 

DCFS understands the confidentiality issue of employee salaries and DHHS will do everything it can to protect this information. 

However, because you are contracting with the State of Nebraska, this information could be requested through a public records request.  DHHS is required to comply with these requests and would have to release the information.  In such cases, we do notify the provider of the request.

​We are new to foster care, as such our last compilation contained only a few months of startup costs and limited revenue. Can we use the last 6 months Revenue/Expense data in our Indirect Cost Analysis?

​Yes, if you do not have financials for a full fiscal year, please provide us with as many months of financial information that you have available.

​I interpret the letter from Director Pristow dated 03/26/14 and the sample provided, specifically Schedule C, as a framework for providing our indirect administrative rate (column I, Schedule C) as well as direct program and activities costs. Is this accurate?

​Yes, you are correct.