Viewing the Status of Central Registry Checks
​Viewing the status of Central Registry checks
  • Log in to the Central Registry Portal and access your Business or Organization
  • Select View Registry Checks to retrieve all invitations and checks associated with your Business or Organization. You will be able to view:
    • Active Check Requests Pending Completion by Individuals
    • Active Check Requests Awaiting Approval to send to DHHS
    • Active Check Requests Submitted to DHHS
    • Active Check Requests Completed by DHHS
    • Active Check Requests Requiring Additional Time for processing by DHHS

    • Archived Check Requests include any Active Check Request older than six (6) months, and any Active Check Request marked as Archive, 
    • Archived Check Requests are stored for up to two (2) years

    • Check Request Invites, which are good for thirty (30) days, before they need to be resent



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