Child and Adult Abuse and Neglect Central Registry
     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to submit my check using the Portal?

Central Registry checks will no longer be accepted via Fax or Email.

You may follow the steps below to request a check via USPS mail:

  • Complete a Central Registry Check Request Form (CFS-5)
  • Obtain a notarized signature on the Central Registry Check Request Form
  • If submitting your check for a Business or Organization:
    • Include the Business or Organization's Portal ID in order for results to be made available
      • If the Portal ID is not provided, results will be returned to the individual's address
  • Mail the completed form to:
    DHHS Accounting
    PO Box 94906
    Lincoln, NE 68509

What do I do after submitting my Central Registry Check?

Once submitted to DHHS, your check will be processed in the order it was received. If you provide an email address, you will be notified when it has been updated or completed.

Once processed by DHHS, your check will be available to view on the portal using the Request Number and PIN associated with the Check.

Click here to View Check Request on the Central Registry Portal

How will I receive my results?

Individuals may view the status of or any completed results of a Central Registry check at any time on the portal by selecting View Check Request and entering the Request Number and PIN associated with the Check.

Businesses and Organization are able to log onto the portal and access the status or results of any of their Checks at any time. For more infomraiton, see Viewing Check Requests as a Business or Organization

Results for Central Registry checks submitted via USPS mail will be sent via US mail when completed.

How long does it take to receive the results of a Central Registry check?

The time it takes to complete a Central Registry check once it has been submitted to DHHS is five business days on average. Please allow up to two weeks for checks submitted via USPS mail. Users may be alerted to additional time requirements by checking the status of their Central Registry check on the portal.

How long is my Central Registry check good for?

Central Registry checks are only good as of the date listed on the results, additionally, DHHS will not process any Central Registry check that is older than six months received via either the Portal or via USPS Mail.

My Central Registry check form was returned as incomplete, how do I ensure my form is filled out correctly?

Central Registry checks submitted via the portal will require Individuals to complete each field. Checks can be sent back as incomplete if the uploaded notary page is not completed accurately or for the following reasons:

  • Incomplete Fields
  • Illegible information
  • No payment provided
  • No signature and/or notary
  • Check boxes not marked
  • Conflicting information

Why do you have to verify the identities of all Individuals?

Under Nebraska Revised Statute 28-725 it is a Class V misdemeanor to release classified information from either the Nebraska Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) Central Registry or the Nebraska Adult Protective Services (APS) Central Registry to a wrongful party. Therefore, all Applicants for Central Registry checks must have their Identity Verified.

How do you verify identities?

Central Registry checks submitted via the portal have two options for identity verification:

  • Online Identity Verification
    • Correctly answer a number of questions, based on information submitted in the Central Registry check
  • Upload Notarized Signature
    • Print the Notary form when it is presented on the Portal
    • Have your signature notarized by a Notary Public
    • Return to the portal and upload a copy of the Notarized document

Central Registry checks submitted via mail require a notarized signature.

Can I still use the online identity verification if I am under the age of 19?

No. Applicants under the age of 19 cannot use the online identity verification option as the authorization for the Central Registry check must come from their parent or guardian. These applicants will need to use the notary upload option and have their parent or guardian sign the notary form.

Why are you charging for Central Registry checks?

Nebraska Revised Statute 28-718 (3) authorizes DHHS to charge for Central Registry checks as a way to recoup costs and support staff time.

How much does a Central Registry check cost?

Central Registry Portal Request using Online ID verification= total of $5.00 ($1.00 ID questions; $2.50 DHHS fee; $1.50 payment processing fee)

Central Registry Portal Request using Notary Form= total of $4.00 ($2.50 DHHS fee; $1.50 payment processing fee)

Central Registry Mail in Request=total of $2.50 ($2.50 DHHS fee)

Who do I make checks payable to when mailing in Central Registry Requests?

Mail your completed Central Registry Check Request to:

PO Box 94906
Lincoln, Ne 68509

Make Checks payable to:

Department of Health and Human Services

Does my Business or Organization have to enroll on the portal?

Yes, in order to receive results directly, Businesses and Organizations must enroll on the portal. Also, each Business or Organization User on the Portal must have their own State of Nebraska User Account.

Click here for directions on how to create an Account and Enroll a Business or Organization

As a Business or Organization, can I have multiple users work on the Portal at the same time?

How can I find my Business or Organization's Portal ID?

As a Business or Organization member on the Portal, your unique Portal ID number will be listed in the Portal's Header next to the name of your Business or Organization, on your Business or Organization's Home Screen.

How should I utilize the Portal ID?

Businesses or Organizations will use their Portal ID to submit checks via USPS mail on paper. Results will then be available to the Business or Organization on the Portal when they're ready.

As a Business or Organization, am I required to pay the annual Subscriber fee?

No. However, Nebraska.Gov Subscribers do receive additional benefits including monthly invoices, the ability to cover the cost of Online Identity Verification for your Central Registry checks, and access to additional services on Nebraska.Gov.

What do I do if I am having trouble with the Central Registry Portal?

  • For issues with the Central Registry Portal (navigation, clarification, error messages), please contact the DHHS helpdesk by phone at (402) 471-9069 or by email at dhhs.helpdesk@nebraska.gov
  • For issues with payments, chargebacks, or subscription services, please contact the Nebraska.Gov helpdesk by phone at (402) 471-7810 or online at http://www.nebraska.gov/contact/

If I live outside of the United States, can I complete my request on the portal?

No. Applicants with addresses outside of the United States but complete the paper form and submit this form via USPS mail

If my request is sent back as incomplete on the portal, can I get back into the same request, fix it and resubmit?

No. Once a request has been sent back as incomplete, the applicant must start a new request.

What if I am an emancipated minor?

If you are an emancipated minor, you must complete your request on the paper form and submit this via USPS mail along with documentation showing you have been emancipated.

Contact Us at (402) 471-9069 for assistance

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