Child Support Enforcement

Review and Modification

Under Federal and State law, you have the right to request a review of your child support order. If you have an open child support case with Child Support Enforcement (CSE), you may request CSE to review your child support order.
In the review, the income of both parties will be used to calculate the amount of support that should be paid by the non-custodial party according to the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines. The amount could go up, down or stay the same. The review process may take up to six months.
CSE can only consider the financial information available at the time of the review. There are certain factors that the Court may consider when computing your child support amount that could change the final child support order. For example, the court may consider other children living with the non-custodial party when computing the child support amount. In addition, finances may change between the time of the review and the court hearing that may increase or decrease the final amount of child support ordered.
You may also contact a private attorney to help you with the modification of your order.
If you do not have an open child support case with CSE, you will need to apply for child support services along with requesting a review.
To apply for a Review and Modification: 
Complete the R&M Web Application, or
Contact the Nebraska Child Support Customer Service Center at
1-877-631-9973, Option 2, to request a paper application.
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