Child Support Enforcement

Non-Custodial Parent

​The non-custodial parent in a child support case is the person who does not usually live with the child but, along with the custodial party, has a responsibility to provide financial and/or medical support.  

Role & Responsibilities of the Non-Custodial Parent  

Non-custodial parents are responsible for:

  • Paying child support and providing health insurance coverage or medical cash assistance as ordered by the court.
  • Responding to Child Support Enforcement's (CSE) requests for information.
  • Notifying CSE and the court of changes to their address, phone, email, employer, income or name.

 Things to Know

  • CSE does not represent the non-custodial or custodial parent. CSE represents the State of Nebraska.
  • You should provide as much information as you can to CSE about your financial situation so that your support order can be set at a realistic amount. 
  • Unpaid child support doesn’t go away when your child turns 19 or if you declare bankruptcy, go to jail, or move to another state. 
  • There is no statute of limitations for the collection of past due support in Nebraska. 
  • If your child comes to live with you, your child support order does not automatically stop. A change of custody must be completed in court.
  • If you hire a private attorney, CSE will discuss your case only with your attorney. Once you no longer employ an attorney, we will resume discussing your case with you.
  • CSE does not have the authority to monitor the way a custodial party spends court-ordered child support.
  • CSE cannot help parents with visitation or custody issues. You will need to contact a private attorney for help in these areas. See the Access and Visitation page.
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