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Child Support Enforcement

Employer Resources
     Lump Sums

Nebraska employers are under a duty to furnish information listed in the Nebraska Income Withholding for Child Support Act set forth in Nebraska Revised Statutes §43-1719.  Lump sum payments to obligors may be considered as salaries, wages, benefits, bonuses, and/or advances.  
There is no minimum threshold amount for an assignment upon wages paid either through a garnishment or a lump sum.
Upon receipt of a proper Income Withholding for Support, the obligor's employer shall comply with §43-1723 no later than the first pay period that begins the date following the notice. 
The employer may hold the lump sum for seven business days pursuant to  §43-1723 (5) before remitting the properly garnished amount to the State Disbursement Unit.  
For Additional Information:


For more information, contact:
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Child Support Enforcement
P.O. Box 94728
Lincoln, NE 68509-4728
Phone: (402) 441-8715
1-877-631-9973 (toll-free)

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