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Child Support Enforcement

Dad's Rewards  

Fatherhood is a big step. When you establish paternity for your child, you also establish yourself as the legal father.

The easiest way to legally establish paternity in Nebraska is for both parents to sign a voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity. You can complete this form at the hospital upon the birth of the child. If paternity wasn’t established at birth, you can obtain the form at the Vital Records Management Office.
Children who grow up without dads are more likely to drop out of school and become involved with drugs or criminal activities. All of these risk factors can be lessened if children have a strong family bond and family support system - including positive influence from you, even if you do not live in your child's home.

Taking responsibility is as simple as being there for them, to love, hug and comfort them from their first baby steps to scoring the game-winning run. Responsibility is being there for the big and little things, you're there for them...and they depend on you.  

By taking responsibility your child can:
  • have the emotional stability of knowing and interacting with both parents.
  • receive the financial support and security of both parents.
  • have access to potentially life-saving family medical history.
  • have the right to inheritance as well as any available Social Security and Veteran’s benefits in the case of your death or disability.
What rewards do you receive?
You can be there for your child’s first steps, your child’s first words and your child’s first dance recital or little league game. Most importantly, you will be there to give your child a hero for life.
If both parents agree, your last name my be given to your child and you may be listed as the father on the birth certificate.
You may legally request your parental rights to custody and visitation.
For Additional Information:

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For more information, contact:
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Child Support Enforcement
P.O. Box 94728
Lincoln, NE 68509-4728
Phone: (402) 441-8715
1-877-631-9973 (toll-free)

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