Child Support Enforcement

Custodial Parent

These and other enforcement methods may be used. The most common methods are:
  • Income withholding;
  • Credit reporting;
  • License suspension;
  • Federal and State tax refund intercept;
  • Passport denial; and 
  • Court action
Income Withholding
Income withholding is the most effective way to collect child support. Money is taken directly out of the non-custodial parent's paycheck.
Credit Reporting
Past due support over $500 will be reported to the four credit bureaus on a monthly basis.
License Suspension
If more than three months of past due support is owed these licenses may be suspended:
  • Driver's (except CDL);
  • Recreational (hunting, fishing, etc.); and
  • Professional (CDL, physician, attorney, etc.)
Federal and State Tax Refund Intercept
A non-custodial parent's Federal and State tax refund may be intercepted if the criteria are met.
Passport Denial
A non-custodial parent's passport may be withheld if more than $2,500 of past due support is owed. Once a parent's passport is withheld by the U.S. Department of State, Nebraska regulation requires the parent to pay the balance to zero to have the passport released.
Court Action
The courts may also enforce your order using different methods such as:
  • Payment plan;
  • Fine; and
  • Jail time.
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