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The Bridge to Independence Program
Becoming an adult isn’t easy for anyone. The years between 17 and 21 are when you finish high school, get through your first years of college or get established in a career, find a place of your own and learn how to support yourself. There’s a lot going on!
And if you aged out of foster care, you may not have the support to answer your questions, to bounce back from a mistake, or just to talk through what you want to do next. That’s why Nebraska started the Bridge to Independence program.
Bridge to Independence provides stable support for young people as they cross from foster care to adulthood. Young adults who join the program will have access to:
The key to Bridge to Independence is that you’re in charge. You make the goals, call the shots, and experience the results. Your IC is there to advise you and help you think through options, but it’s your life. Some choices will work out and some won’t. Either way, your IC will be there to help you figure out your next move.
Bridge to Independence is available to young adults until age 21 who have aged out of foster care or were discharged to independent living. As long as you’re in school, employed, or participating in an employment program, you’re eligible.
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